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Located in DIFC


 Located in the heart of Dubai, at Gate Avenue.

First in the World

 First one-stop shop for all your oral hygiene and dental needs in the world.

Pioneering Dental


 Range of Exclusive products from dental Pioneers developed and researched for over 48 years.

Personalised Service

Enhanced customer experience by our qualified staff delivering the right information.


A Whole new experience.

Maison Dentaire is a new concept store that specializes in high-end oral care products. A one stop shop for the connoisseurs of perfect oral care. And the Hollywood smile enthusiast. Visit us at DIFC Dubai. You are in for a new experience.

The only store of its kind in the world. Only in Dubai.

Tailor-made service in a comfortable luxury environment.



Exceptional service, it's a total new experience. Learnt a lot more than oral hygiene than expected and known. 

Khaled Hamdan