VITIS Monotip Toothbrush

VITIS Monotip Toothbrush

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VITIS® Implant Monotip is especially indicated for the elimination of the oral biofilm accumulated in very small spaces that require a maximum precision cleaning such as prostheses, bars, attachments, screws, etc.

Its use is also recommended to implant carriers and orthodontists.


    VITIS® Implant Monotip is a brush with a small size head. The filaments of Tynex® are presented in a single plume that facilitates the elimination of the oral biofilm in confined spaces, while protecting the oral cavity. Its soft grouped filaments allow maximum precision cleaning of prostheses, bars, attachments, screws, etc. for proper maintenance.

    The brush has a malleable neck that can be flexed to the position that best suits the oral cavity. The handle is anatomical and with non-slip grooves for easy use.

    Available in two colors: transparent and blue.


    Brush your teeth three times a day (after each meal) with circular movements from the gum to the tooth.


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